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March 27, 2024 --- (Revised April 14, 2024)

As a musician, I enjoy interesting harmonies. Sometimes they are simple, ear-friendly, easily digestible combinations of tones. Other times, they are uneasy chords with "spicy" intervals.

To my own surprise, I never considered how much I value harmony in my life until recently. I think about my relationships. I think about my goals and habits. But harmony as a part of my life, that was a new thought for me.

I was driving down the road, having the kind of moment where one considers what really matters.

First, there were the more tangible ("real") things:
  1. family
  2. friends
  3. career impact
Then, the more abstract started to surface:
  1. creativity
  2. curiosity
  3. gratitude
  4. growth
  5. service

For most of the past decade or so, I've tended to frame these things in terms of "balance" - trying to fit everything I value or enjoy into my life, each thing in appropriate measure.

Then the concept of musical harmony emerged from the back of my mind.

In music, harmony creates a sort of synergy. All the notes work together to create ideas and feelings that each note could not do alone. The flow of chords and intervals over time can create interesting change -- tension and release -- a journey.

I am trying to bring this concept of harmony into my way of living. Instead of compartmentalizing my values, interests, cherished relationships, and aspirations, I'm inspired to find ways to let them complement and enhance one another - so that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. So that each enhances the other, like each instrument and musician in a band or orchestra.

Playing a Gibson Explorer electric guitar
Playing my favorite guitar